Your employer has a responsibility to keep your work environment safe from hazards. This is true whether you work in food service or retail. But accident prevention and a safe work environment are especially crucial in the construction and manufacturing industries, where an accident could lead to lasting and serious injuries.

Lately, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been cracking down on area businesses in an effort to keep workers safe.

In one case, the agency investigated Wolf Construction LP out of San Marcos after receiving a complaint. In the subsequent inspection, OSHA found the company wasn’t providing proper fall protection equipment when workers were erecting steel structures up to 15 feet in height.

OSHA cited the company for this lack of personal protective equipment, as well as for failing to train employees properly. In all, the company faced several different violations, amounting to a total in proposed penalties of $46,000.

“A lack of fall protection means workers are one slip or step away from deadly or disabling falls,” said OSHA’s area director in a press release. “Employers must provide effective fall protection for their workers and ensure these workers are trained to recognize and address fall hazards.”

In another case of a local company facing serious violations, C & H Die Casting Inc. out of Troy is facing $112,500 in penalties for several violations, including the failure to guard saws, belts, and electrical wiring. Also, there were fall hazards and uncovered floor holes.

In both cases, the companies have 15 business days to comply with OSHA’s requests or challenge their findings. In neither case was anyone harmed.

We often see OSHA investigations opened after someone is seriously harmed. They do take proactive steps to ensure these workplace accidents do not happen, however.

The risk of an accident is great in the construction and production fields, where you find dangerous equipment, staggering heights, and many potentially harmful situations. When an accident like this happens, you could be left with serious injuries and the inability to work. Fortunately, you could be entitled to compensation above and beyond your worker’s compensation.

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