Last week a man T-boned a train on Houston’s south side. But this wasn’t the only train accident of late. In one week’s time, the Houston area saw three different train accidents, warranting a review of train safety and a discussion on the dangers of railroad crossings.

According to ABC News, in this latest train accident, a man was at an auto salvage yard. Witnesses say he heard the train coming, hopped in his car, and sped toward it. The man hit the train along its side and was pushed 75 to 100 yards down the track.

The accident happened in the afternoon hours near Almeda and Gumas.

The driver was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital in unknown condition and the passenger was apparently uninjured.

Another train accident, this one in Fort Worth, didn’t end so simply. Last weekend a 16-year-old child was killed when he and his friends attempted to cross the tracks. They were crossing a stopped train and didn’t see the other one coming.

The Union Pacific Railroad says that drivers and pedestrians must be more cautious when around trains. Trains cannot stop like other vehicles and so drivers have to account for this.

When you approach train tracks, whether on foot or in a vehicle, expect a train to be coming. Operate under the assumption that a train is always coming. This way, you’ll be sure to look a few times before crossing. While most tracks have crossing rails, there is always the chance that they will malfunction.

Never try to “beat” a train. You might be in a rush and the train might make you late. But an accident would make you even later.

If your car stalls on the tracks, get out. Don’t attempt to fix your vehicle or wait on the tracks. Instead, exit the car and call for help immediately.

Finally, if you are a passenger in a vehicle, be the second set of eyes and ears for the driver—always looking out for accident hazards like trains or reckless drivers. While no one wants a “back seat driver,” they would change their tune if you saved their life.

While train accidents are relatively rare, they do happen and, like other car accidents, they even happen to cautious, “good” drivers.

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