Warmer-Weather-Increased-Motorcycle-Activity-Accidents-ImageWith spring here and summer just around the corner, motorcyclists are shining up their bikes and getting ready to hit the open road. In the Houston area, we have motorcycle traffic year-round (thanks to our weather), but the number of cyclists does increase over the summer months, so safety issues should be revisited to help them avoid a serious accident.

Recently, a Houston motorcyclist was killed as he rode with a group along the North Freeway. According to KHOU.com, the cyclist lost control of his bike and fell in the middle of the highway. One of the other motorcycle riders couldn’t stop in time and ran him over. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

This cyclist was not wearing a helmet, bringing up the most important safety tip a motorcycle rider can take to heart: always wear a helmet. A motorcycle helmet can mean the difference between road rash or road rash and a traumatic brain injury. Without a helmet, any accident can be far more serious. The inconvenience of wearing a helmet is worth it when you consider the alternative.

But, in addition to wearing a helmet whenever you’re on your bike, there are several other things you can do to stay safe:

  1. Wear protective clothing. In addition to a helmet, protective clothing will help reduce the incidence of serious injury in the event of a motorcycle accident.
  2. Don’t share lanes with other motorcycles. Yes, your motorcycle is smaller than the cars these roads were made for, but don’t be tempted to double up with other riding friends in a single lane.
  3. Learn how to ride. Whether you take a class or learn from a more experienced friend, motorcycle riding is not something you just pick up one day. In order to handle a bike and do so defensively, it pays to have someone teach you the skills.
  4. Don’t drink and ride. Along with motorcycles, summer is a time for celebrating, and for many people this means drinking. Drunk riding is a recipe for disaster.
  5. Avoid dangerous conditions. Don’t be a risk taker when it comes to your motorcycle. If the weather may turn bad, keep your bike in. If a road is in poor repair, take another route.

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