Another-Serious-Accident-on-a-Dangerous-Houston-Street-ImageSome city streets are simply more dangerous than others, whether it’s due to the traffic congestion and tightly crowded lanes, or the blind corners and speed limit. Allen Parkway is known for its winding curves and narrow lanes, and it’s also known for auto accidents. Recently, another accident occurred there, sending four people to area hospitals.

According to Culture Map, the accident happened when a motorcycle jumped the sidewalk on the Waugh Drive Bridge near the Parkway, hitting two pedestrians. Both the driver and passenger, along with the two pedestrians, were sent to the hospital with serious injuries.

The accident is under investigation. The Houston Police Department said that the cyclist was charged with failure to maintain a single lane.

Allen Parkway once served as the main route from downtown Houston to the River Oaks residential community when it opened in 1926. The 2.3 mile stretch of road remains a main thoroughfare and is also a place of relatively frequent accidents.

As Culture Map reports, in May, a driver was killed when he lost control of his Hummer on one of Allen Parkway’s many curves. The vehicle hit a tree and flipped several times before landing on its roof. A few years ago, a “prominent attorney” was killed in a similar manner when he lost control of his SUV and hit a tree. His passenger was also killed. Speed was a factor in both of these deadly accidents.

Some roads are more prone to accidents than others. When roads are the setting of frequent accidents, the city will study the road to determine if structural or safety changes may reduce the incidence of such accidents. Speed limits may be reduced, traffic lights added, or lanes widened.

When you are in an accident that wasn’t your fault, even if the driver at fault was a good friend, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. You shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of another.

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