Houston-Company-Cited-for-Workplace-Amputation-Hazards-ImageWorkplace accidents can range from the relatively simple slip and fall on a wet floor to a very serious fall from a roof or even an amputation. There’s no denying that some jobs are more dangerous than others. And subsequently, some employers have a greater responsibility to keep their worksites safe.

Inspectors with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently cited a Houston employer for failing to keep workers safe from amputation risks. Piping Technology and Products Inc. was issued $70,000 in proposed fines for failing to properly guard hydraulic presses that led to two workers losing fingers.

While amputations are rare, they are very serious accidents and something that all employers should be alert to prevent. This is particularly true in the manufacturing industry, where large machinery abounds. Following OSHA standards and providing proper training are among the ways to keep all workers safe.

“Piping Technology and Products continues to expose workers to unguarded hazardous machinery, even though it has been previously cited for the same violation on various pieces of machinery,” said a spokesperson for OSHA’s Houston South division. “The employer knowingly permitted workers to operate machines without proper guarding.”

The company was inspected twice in 2011 and was cited then with 42 different health and safety violations, including for failure to have guards on band saws, shears, and press brakes. While the company contested those citations, they still had a responsibility to guard workers against accidents like this.

A large company, Piping Technology and Products employs 700 people at their Houston site. It isn’t clear if they plan to contest the latest citations.

When you work in a dangerous industry such as construction or manufacturing, you certainly have a responsibility for your own safety. But if your employer isn’t providing a safe work environment, they can be held responsible when an accident occurs.

Workplace accidents like amputations can significantly impact your life. From the short-term effects like pain and hospital visits, to the long-term ones including the inability to perform certain jobs and extended therapy. If you have bee, in an amputation accident, you deserve to have a strong advocate to get you full compensation to move forward with your life. A Houston workplace accident attorney may be able to help.

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