violent-high-speed-car-accident-imageA car accident can be particularly gruesome when speed is a factor. High-speed accidents frequently end in serious injuries or worse, and when you are not the one at fault for the accident, the consequences can be particularly tough to bear.

According to, a high-speed accident recently happened in a southeast neighborhood. In the early morning hours of July 8, police responded to an accident call at Reveille Street at Dixie Drive. There they found a sedan with the front crushed and a pick-up truck resting on its side.

While there were no witnesses to the accident, the officers evaluating the scene and questioning the accident victims determined the driver of the sedan to be at fault. They estimated that the sedan was traveling upwards of 80 miles per hour when the accident occurred.

It’s suspected that the truck was traveling eastbound and the car northbound. The car hit the pick-up truck on its passenger side, flipping it and pushing it into someone’s front yard.

Emergency responders had to remove the roof of the truck to get the driver out. Both drivers were admitted to area hospitals in serious condition. Fortunately, both are expected to survive.

Police say the driver of the sedan was intoxicated at the time, and the local district attorney has charged him with intoxication assault.

Most drunk driving accidents happen at night, when people are out celebrating. These accidents are often particularly severe because drunk drivers aren’t aware of their speed, their proximity to other vehicles, and a whole host of other things. For victims, the effects of a drunk driving accident can be lifelong.

When you’ve been involved in a serious auto accident like this, the physical injuries are bad, and the mental scars can be difficult to bear as well. Getting back into a car after a serious crash can be hard. You could be suffering from serious anxiety, as is common with post-traumatic stress disorder.

In addition to the medical treatment and potentially long-term physical therapy, many accident survivors need counseling or other forms of therapy to help them cope with all of the consequences.

Houston Car Accident Attorney

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