Bicycle-safety-imageBicycles are becoming more popular as many people take to the cheaper, healthier, and more environmentally friendly form of transport. But the rising popularity of cycling also brings an increase in bicycle accidents.

Recently, a bicyclist was struck and killed by a train in downtown Houston, according to Culture Map Houston. The woman had exited a northbound train at the Main Street Square station, gotten on her bike and was crossing the tracks when she was hit by a southbound train.

A spokesperson for METRO says the southbound train was blowing its horn just before impact. The train screeched to a stop about 20 yards later with the bicyclist still pinned underneath.

When you choose to ride a bicycle, safety should be a top concern. Bicyclists are obviously vulnerable in any accident and need to exercise caution. Safety experts recommend that cyclists not only keep their eyes on the road and environment around them, but remain alert to the sounds of traffic. A cyclist wearing headphones or earbuds may not hear an approaching car or even a train.

Riding a bicycle requires an elevated awareness. To take your safety for granted could be a fatal mistake.

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