websites imageAs a frequent driver, whether you commute daily or take several road trips every year, accident avoidance and driver’s safety are no doubt important to you. Finding the best sources of driver’s safety information can be difficult with so many options. We have compiled some of the most worthwhile sources of information for Texas drivers.

Here is what we came up with:

Drive Texas is a website provided by the Texas Department of Transportation. It is an interactive map that allows you to scan the entire state for road conditions. It has updated information on accidents, road closures, construction, and roads affected by the weather. You can limit the map by which road conditions you are concerned with and focus on whichever city or highway you plan on traveling. The map also includes links to weather conditions and live traffic cameras.

Governors Highway Safety Association- Texas

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) is a national alliance of state highway safety offices that focuses on behavioral safety issues. These issues include safety belt use, cell phone use, and impaired driving, to name a few. Each state has a page on the website where you can get a quick overview of the laws of that state. On the Texas GHSA page, for instance, you will find that using a cell phone while driving is completely banned for school bus drivers and novice drivers for the first 12 months. You can also learn about child safety seat requirements, drunk driving, and speed limit laws. is the federal website on distracted driving. It is a great resource for drivers of all ages. There you will learn just how dangerous distracted driving is—whether the distraction is your cell phone or your lunch. Also, you can get the latest news on how the government is handling distracted driving and download Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving. This website is especially good for parents of new drivers and new drivers themselves, with posters, pledge forms, and videos to help underline the importance of driving without distractions.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( has an entire section of their website dedicated to driving safety. It’s there that we learn 1,700 accident fatalities occur every year off of public highways. Facts like this paired with helpful tips and articles make this a great resource for keeping yourself and your family safe on the road. The NHTSA section on Teen Drivers is particularly helpful as it provides great tips for parents of new drivers and information on how to ensure your child is safe during their first years behind the wheel.

Texas Department of Transportation

The “driver” page of the TxDOT website is a great resource for state-sponsored information and links. From there you can learn more about state highway safety projects like “Sober and Safe” or “Safe Routes to School”. You can also access crash reports if you’ve been involved in a car accident or get information on state laws like those governing cell phone use, seat belts, and speed limits.

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