Teen Killed in Texting-While-Driving Accident

Texting behind the wheel has been called an epidemic, and car accidents caused by texting are particularly a problem among young people. A 19-year old Texas A&M student was killed last week while texting behind the wheel. According to the Houston Chronicle, the teen was driving her Ford F-250 on Texas 30 at a high … Continued

Holidays Can Be Dangerous Time to Drive

Harris County is No. one in many people’s books — but the county is also on the top of the list for holiday drunken driving fatalities. According to the Houston Chronicle, there were more than 130 drunken driving accidents over the 2011 holiday period, including six that involved fatalities. During that same period, almost 450 … Continued

School Bus Accidents: How to Keep Your Child Safe

A school bus accident last week killed one person. That person was in a passenger car that rear-ended the bus. Prior to the accident, the driver made no attempt to slow down, indicating he may have been distracted. While no children were hurt in the accident, other children haven’t been so fortunate. Thousands of parents … Continued

100-Car Pileup Blamed on Weather Conditions

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, a horrific crash occurred near Beaumont, Texas. More than 100 cars were involved in the chain reaction accident. According to the Associated Press, two people were killed and 80 were injured in the crash. The accident happened around 8:45 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning. As many people were traveling to see … Continued

TxDOT Encourages Sober Driving

It’s holiday time again, and time for the annual reminders about staying sober behind the wheel. Many people are out enjoying family and friends over the holidays, and for many this involves drinking alcohol. But with drunk driving accidents killing scores of people over the holidays, it’s more important now than ever to stress the … Continued

Puzzling Accident Kills Young Children

Two young boys were killed in an accident that has left investigators scratching their heads. The at-fault driver also died, but his death wasn’t caused by the accident – it resulted from a gunshot wound to the head. According to KHOU.com, 12-year-old David Barajas and 11-year-old Caleb Barajas were riding in their truck with their … Continued

Houston Shuttle Bus Accident Kills Pedestrian

A shuttle bus crashed last week near the Texas Medical Center when the driver may have suffered a “medical episode.” Several bus passengers were transported to the hospital, and a pedestrian who was hit while standing on the corner later died. According to Click2Houston.com, the bus driver, Henry James Foots, 54, may have passed out … Continued

Deadly Accident May Have Involved Drunk Driver

One man was killed last week when the car he was a passenger in crashed in northwest Houston. According to news reports, his friend who was driving refused to submit to field sobriety tests, but he admitted to drinking and was transported to the hospital for a blood draw to confirm his alcohol level. Three … Continued

Feds Make Ambitious Safety Recommendations to Reduce Accidents

In their “10 Most Wanted” list of safety improvements for accident prevention, the National Transportation and Safety Board has recommended that several high-tech safety options now featured only in higher-end vehicles be mandated by the government to keep all U.S. drivers safer. Critics, however, say the measures would be too costly. According to the Associated … Continued

Oil Platform Accident Both Tragic and Preventable

Several workers were injured and at least two were missing after an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded last week. Black Elk Energy’s West Delta Block 32 was a smaller platform, decommissioned several years ago and in the process of being updated in order to pump the last vestiges of profit from it. … Continued