Metro Bus Accident Injures Seven

Generally, when a bus collides with a car, the people in the car suffer the brunt of the impact. A car is far more vulnerable in such a collision. But, while city buses are designed to withstand considerable impact, injuries do occur. Such was the case in a recent Metro bus accident, where passengers in … Continued

Man Killed in Horrific Hotel Swimming Pool Accident

According to the Houston Chronicle, 27-year-old Raul Hernandez Martinez was electrocuted while swimming in the pool with family members at the Hilton Houston Westchase on Westheimer Rd.  He later died at a local hospital while in intensive care. Hernandez’s family says several of people were in the pool when the pool lights automatically came on … Continued

Grand Prix Accident Injures Spectators, Drivers

More than a dozen people were injured Sunday at the Grand Prix of Houston when a popular driver crashed into the fence blocking the bandstand. Several vehicles were involved and one driver was injured as well, though the spectators experienced the brunt of the collision. ABC Houston reports the crash occurred when four-time IndyCar champion … Continued

Are Small Aircraft Safe? Well-publicized Accidents Raise Doubts

If you know someone with their own plane or ever have the opportunity to go up in a small commuter plane, safety concerns will no-doubt cross your mind. Small planes get a bad rap for being unsafe, as we often see aviation accidents involving them. But are they really any less safe than large airliners? … Continued

HPD Officer Injured While Assisting Rainy-Night Accident

Poor visibility and wet conditions are probably to blame for an auto accident that happened on the 59/Eastex Freeway near the Beltway. According to KHOU, the accident happened when an HPD officer stopped to assist two drivers that had been involved in a crash. One car had hydroplaned and struck another vehicle, and there was … Continued

Is Your Child Safe in the Event of an Accident?

Texas law requires children under the age of 8 to be secured in child safety seats while riding in automobiles unless the child is taller than 4 feet 9 inches in height. This law is designed to prevent serious injury or even death if an accident happens. To improve safety, the state of Texas recently … Continued

Woman Dies in Climbing Accident at Gym

A woman fell to her death recently from a climbing wall at a gym in Grapevine, TX. According to CBS Dallas, the accident happened on Sept. 22, when the woman lost her grip and fell from about 25 to 30 feet to the ground. Emergency responders transported her by CareFlite to Parkland Memorial Hospital where … Continued

Plant Fire Injures Five Workers in Nearby Victoria

Five workers at a plant near Victoria were seriously injured recently when a fire erupted in a tower there. According to the Victoria Advocate, Formosa Plastics said they aren’t concerned about safety being an “issue” despite two fires there. The most recent accident happened at 10:20 a.m. on a Friday when a tower was shut … Continued

Are Houston Pedestrians Safe?

A recent accident involving Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland highlights pedestrian safety issues here and begs the question, just how safe are Houston pedestrians? According to the Houston Chronicle, our city is ranked 41st out of 51 major cities for pedestrian safety. That ranking is disappointing, to say the least. Some say the problem is … Continued

Houston-Area Tanker Truck Accident Results in Chemical Spill, Injuries

A recent accident in an area outside of Houston sent emergency responders to the hospital after the truck involved leaked its contents. According to, a tractor trailer collided with a pickup truck on Highway 290. The crash happened at about 9:15 at night, and though it isn’t clear how the accident occurred, the pick-up … Continued