New Texas Laws Seek to Reduce Accidents in School Zones, More

Several new traffic safety laws took effect on Sept. 1, all designed to reduce the risk of auto accidents in school zones and across the state. With school back in session and morning traffic back to higher levels, the laws couldn’t come at a better time to protect children and adults alike. According to KCBD … Continued

Houston Street Race Results in Pedestrian Accident

Racing on the streets of Houston is not only unsafe. It’s illegal. And at least one driver is now facing serious consequences for a street race gone wrong. According to The Courier of Montgomery County, a street race near Walden resulted in serious injuries to a man who was doing yard work near the road. … Continued

Houston High-Rise Site of Fatal Construction Fall

Falls are the leading cause of death in construction accidents. Falls from ladders, roofs, and scaffolding can all result in serious injuries and even death. One of the city’s latest high-rise projects was the scene of a horrific accident recently, when a construction worker fell 11 stories to his death. According to the Houston Business … Continued

New Stats: Fatal Workplace Accidents Down But Far From Good

Many of us take it for granted that we will get to our home every night in the same condition we left it in the morning. Whether we work in a job that isn’t considered inherently dangerous or if we just don’t consider our risks, we all hope to avoid workplace accidents and injuries. Recent … Continued

Houston Bus Accidents: What You Should Know

Buses are made to withstand considerable impact. Often, when a bus accident happens, passengers are left unscathed thanks to their design and safety features. However, this isn’t always the case. In some instances, a bus accident can leave an unsuspecting passenger with lasting injuries and long-term consequences. When this happens, you need to know your … Continued

Houston Eligible for Federal Dollars for Pedestrian Accident Prevention

Every two hours, a pedestrian was killed in a traffic accident last year, and another one was injured every eight minutes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to the agency, the number of people being killed while walking or jogging has increased over recent years. As a result, the NHTSA has … Continued

Two Early Morning Accidents Snarl I-45 Commuter Traffic

If you commute to work every day, no one has to tell you it can be a frustrating and even dangerous drive. Some mornings are certainly worse than others, and what starts out as a normal workday can turn into a several-hours-long delay when auto accidents occur. For many commuters, the morning of August 7 … Continued

Understanding the Legal Term “Standard of Care”

 The abundance of medical and law terms may be hard to understand for most families whom may have a loved one under the constant care of a facility. If there is a legal term that you are not sure of, and feel that a facility may have made a violation of the law, consult a … Continued

Kids, Speed and Inexperience: Is Thirteen Too Young to Operate a Jet Ski Safely?

Inexperience, immaturity and crowded waterways are a recipe for disaster for boaters and swimmers. Harris County alone has seen 15 children drown already in 2013. These startling numbers prompted us to take a closer look at water safety, including the dangers posed by kids operating personal watercraft. In Texas, you have to be 16 to … Continued

Criminal Charges Clarify Blame in Injury Accidents

Four months after a fatal accident involving an all-terrain vehicle and a Ford Expedition in Houston, authorities have charged the ATV driver with intoxication manslaughter, according to the Houston Chronicle. The ATV driver and a passenger were thrown more than 20 feet from the vehicle when it collided with the Expedition at a Houston intersection. … Continued