Bicycle Safety Requires Constant Attention to Surroundings

Bicycles are becoming more popular as many people take to the cheaper, healthier, and more environmentally friendly form of transport. But the rising popularity of cycling also brings an increase in bicycle accidents. Recently, a bicyclist was struck and killed by a train in downtown Houston, according to Culture Map Houston. The woman had exited … Continued

Forklift Accident Kills Montgomery County Man

If you work in construction or manufacturing, you probably already know that your job is more dangerous than most. Working around heavy equipment and machinery carries significant risks, and while the constant hammering about safety rules and regulations by your project manager can get old, those regulations are written and in place to keep everyone … Continued

Pasadena Elevator Accident Injures Two

Accidents aren’t limited to old or poorly maintained facilities. Many times an accident will happen in a brand new or surprisingly nice location. Just because a facility is new, doesn’t mean it is safe. Recently two men helping to move workers into a new office building found this out firsthand. According to, the accident … Continued

“Violent” High-Speed Accident in Southeast Houston Neighborhood

A car accident can be particularly gruesome when speed is a factor. High-speed accidents frequently end in serious injuries or worse, and when you are not the one at fault for the accident, the consequences can be particularly tough to bear. According to, a high-speed accident recently happened in a southeast neighborhood. In the … Continued

Running Red Light Causes Fatal Accident

You may be the safest driver you know—careful to abide by all of the rules of the road in an effort to reduce your risk of getting a ticket or getting in an accident. But even when you are extra careful, other people may not be so cautious and could catch you off guard. Such … Continued

Boater Still Missing Following Barge Accident

Waterways can be just as dangerous as city streets, particularly when they are crowded. Without traffic lights or even lanes, boaters have to rely on one another to be cautious and conservative, always looking out for potential collisions and practicing safe boating at all times. Because when one boater isn’t safe, no one on the … Continued

Houston Company Cited for Workplace Amputation Hazards

Workplace accidents can range from the relatively simple slip and fall on a wet floor to a very serious fall from a roof or even an amputation. There’s no denying that some jobs are more dangerous than others. And subsequently, some employers have a greater responsibility to keep their worksites safe. Inspectors with the Occupational … Continued

Another Serious Accident on a Dangerous Houston Street

Some city streets are simply more dangerous than others, whether it’s due to the traffic congestion and tightly crowded lanes, or the blind corners and speed limit. Allen Parkway is known for its winding curves and narrow lanes, and it’s also known for auto accidents. Recently, another accident occurred there, sending four people to area … Continued

Hands-Free Not Necessarily Risk-Free

The amount of technology we interact with every day has grown exponentially over the past few decades. For many people, using hands-free technology like voice-to-text applications or Bluetooth technology is a way to maintain connections while driving. But new research from the American Automobile Association indicates hands-free communications technology may not be as safe as … Continued