Accident Throws Toddler from Vehicle

An accident in Montgomery County ended in tragedy and likely confusion for a small child. According to, a man was killed and a woman seriously injured near Conroe. Following the crash, police found a child believed to be between 3 and 4 years of age wandering around. It’s believed he was thrown from the … Continued

Houston Area Construction Companies Fined for Worker Deaths

Three separate companies are facing penalties for not protecting workers from accidents, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The violations led to the deaths of two workers at a Hockley work site last August. According to a press release from OSHA, two workers were killed when they were cutting metal with a torch … Continued

City Govt. Hopes to Make Money with “Crash Tax”

Missouri City has some people up in arms about one way the city is hoping to fill in budgetary gaps. Beginning March 1, the city will charge a fee for having emergency responders come out to car accidents. Because citizens feel that their existing taxes already cover this, they are understandably a little upset about … Continued

Lumber Yard Accident Injures Elderly Man

An 80-year-old man was seriously injured at a Houston lumber yard last week. According to ABC 13, the man was operating a tractor at the time of the accident, when a log rolled onto it and pinned him inside. It seems as if the man was working at the lumber yard, though it isn’t clear … Continued

Motorcycle Safety Saves Lives

  No matter what you drive, you are at risk of being involved in an accident. But when you ride a motorcycle, that accident is far more likely to be a deadly one. In Texas, where winters are relatively mild, riding motorcycles isn’t a seasonal thing—we see them all year. So, motorcycle safety should likewise … Continued

Houston School Bus Accident Injures Several, Kills One

  When a school bus is involved in an accident, many lives are at stake. Because of the design of buses, however, it’s usually the person who hits the bus that is in the greatest danger. Still, bus passengers risk serious injuries every time they put their lives in the hands of a bus driver. … Continued

Teens Overestimate Ability to Avoid Distracted Driving Accident

The campaign to stop texting and driving is largely focused on young drivers. This isn’t because adults don’t text and drive, but because teens are more likely to and also because teens are more likely to be involved in car accidents. Perhaps it isn’t surprising, then, that insurance giant State Farm found teens to overstate … Continued

Chemical Plant Explosion Kills One, Shuts Down Pasadena

A chemical plant explosion resulted in the death of at least one worker and the injury of another. Because of the nature of the facilities, Pasadena residents were encouraged to stay indoors with windows shut as officials worked to contain any contaminants that may have been dispersed in the blast and subsequent blaze. According to … Continued

Local Construction Worker Dies in Blast

When you work in the construction field, you are continually in dangerous positions. From the equipment you use to the locations in which you work, your job is simply more risky than other professions. But this doesn’t mean you should accept the fact that construction accidents will happen. Instead, you can do your part to … Continued

Report Identifies “Trouble Spots” in Houston-Area Roads

When a particular swath of road is always congested and is the site of frequent accidents, officials must begin looking at the causes and what can be done to remedy the situation. A new report identifies the state’s “Top 100 Transportation Challenges and the Improvements Needed to Address Them,” including several problem spots in the … Continued