Alleged Street Racing Accident Ends in Tragedy

Racing is a problem. People do it because it’s fun and exciting. But when done on an uncontrolled street—it’s extremely dangerous. One family is coming to terms with this fact now, after their teenage son was killed in an alleged Houston street race. According to CBS Houston, the teen was driving his black Camaro and … Continued

18-Wheeler Involved in Harris County Train Accident

When your vehicle stalls on the train tracks, it doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Prius or a Mack truck, you need to get out of the way. It seems the driver of an 18-wheeler realized this last weekend when his truck was cut in half by a train in Houston, but he escaped uninjured. … Continued

Pedestrian Killed, Investigating Officer Hurt in Crash

In the early morning hours, pedestrians are more likely to be hit. The data reflects this—that pedestrian accidents are far more common when there is little light, both in the late night hours and in the hours before dawn. Such was the case this past week when a pedestrian was struck and killed at about … Continued

Oil Tanker Crash a Reminder of Marine Dangers

An empty oil tanker crashed into the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge last week, providing a reminder that even the largest ships being guided by the most experienced captains stand a chance of being involved in a serious accident. The tanker was piloted by captain Guy Kleess and, according to the Associated Press, he was a … Continued

Greyhound Bus Accident Hospitalizes 7 Passengers

A Greyhound bus and a car crashed outside of Dallas this week. And while this is the most recent bus accident, there have been several others over the past year or so. While many people think of buses as a safe and alternative to driving, their safety isn’t guaranteed and accidents have the potential to … Continued

Houston Motorcyclist Killed By SUV

Summertime isn’t the only time that motorcycles are on Houston streets. A nice winter day can bring them out of the woodwork, and increase the chances of a tragic accident. According to ABC 13, a motorcyclist was killed recently on the Same Houston Tollway when an SUV struck him. Officials say the motorcycle and SUV … Continued

Accident Proves Fatal for 4 Young Men

Four area men are dead after a tragic accident last week on Eastex Freeway. One more is in critical condition. All five were in their late teens to early twenties. While any fatal car accident is tragic, those involving young people are particularly hard and offer the opportunity for parents to bring up some tough … Continued

Parade Float Accident Offers Legal Lessons

For people injured in an accident, understanding how personal injury law works can be a headache. You may not have gone to law school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a basic grasp on the laws regarding your accident. And the case of the parade float accident out of San Antonio offers one major … Continued

Fatal Tanker Crash Closes, Damages Roadway

A truck driver transporting oil cashed late last month, killing him and severely damaging the roadway in the resulting explosion. These tankers travel Houston-area roadways on a regular basis, and when an accident like this happens, they are a risk to everyone on the roads. According to, the trucker seemed to lose control as … Continued

Houston Oil Machinery Company Sanctioned by OSHA

What happens when your employer doesn’t provide a safe work environment for you and coworkers? Assuming someone doesn’t get hurt first, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may move in to sanction the employer with fines and more. That’s exactly what’s happened to Houston’s Worldwide Oilfield Machine BOP Division Inc. According to an OSHA press … Continued