Preventing Accident Injuries with Click It or Ticket Campaign

Wearing your seatbelt might be uncomfortable, but it’s many times better than being ejected from a vehicle in an accident. For the eleventh year, Texas officials are launching the Click It or Ticket campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of buckling up. Over the years, efforts that have inspired many to buckle up have … Continued

“Freak” Accident Kills Houston Man at Gas Station

We all know there are risks on the roads. We put ourselves in harm’s way every time we get behind the wheel of a car. But, car accidents aren’t the only way to get injured out there. Some accidents come out of nowhere, with no warning, and with no chance at prevention. One couple experienced … Continued

Fall Accidents in the Construction Industry

Construction workers face accident hazards every day. When they go to work, they know they are at a greater risk of injury than if they had chosen an office job. These workers and their employers, to a certain extent, work to minimize these risks by adhering to safety standards and rules. These are especially important … Continued

Ceremony Honors Houston-Area Workplace Accident Victims

Most of us face some sort of risk when we go to work each day. Whether the risk is falling down the stairs as we head to our office or falling off of a scaffold while working construction, the potential for a workplace accident is always present. We all recognize, however, that some jobs are … Continued

Houston Company Fined for Worker Hazards

When you go to work, whether you work in construction or manufacturing, you expect to go home in the same condition you arrived. In other words, you expect to be safe. You ensure your safety by using proper safety equipment and often just good-old common sense. But, you aren’t the only one responsible for your safety on … Continued

Motorcycle Deaths on Rise in U.S., Declining in Texas

Many people use the warmer weather to uncover their motorcycles and save a bit of gas money as they enjoy the summer. But with motorcycle riding comes great risks, as an accident involving a “bike” is far more likely to cause death or injury than one involving a four-wheeled, airbag-equipped vehicle. The Governor’s Highway Safety … Continued

Houston Construction Worker Killed in Forklift Accident

When you work in construction, you face serious risks every single day. Whether you are in the roofing business, work in commercial construction, or are a residential carpenter, the risks are ever-present. There are things you can do to avoid injury and keep yourself safe. But even then, you also have to depend on the … Continued

Tragic West, Texas Blast Offers Lessons

Officials are still sorting through the wreckage following a catastrophic blast and fire at a West, Texas fertilizer plant. So far, according to the Associated Press, 14 people have been confirmed killed and more than 200 injured in the small Texas town. And while we don’t know for certain what caused the blast, signs indicate … Continued

NTSB Pushes Texas Texting-While-Driving Ban

Distracted drivers kill people. It’s a harsh but true fact. If you text and drive, the chances are pretty good that you will be involved in an auto accident. But even for those who swear off texting behind the wheel, as long as other people are doing it, we will all be at risk. According … Continued