Houston Company Involved in A&M Construction Accident

Accidents happen to everyone. But when the accident happens at work and particularly when your work involves construction, it can result in serious injuries or even death. Such an accident happened recently on a project for Texas A&M University near College Station. The construction site was on a new University equestrian complex being built near … Continued

Major Big Rig Spill Closes West Loop

In no other country on earth do 18-wheelers cover so much ground, carrying goods from warehouses to stores, car lots, and more. And while these vehicles are necessary for our country’s commerce, they also represent a risk on American roads. A recent accident on Houston’s West Loop illustrates just how dangerous these trucks can be—even … Continued

Construction Work in Summer: Recipe for Illness, Injury

Construction work is dangerous work, no matter what time of year. From falling objects to unsafe tools—if you work outdoors in construction, there are many risks to keep in mind. But, in the summertime, hot temperature in Texas heighten the risk at construction work sites. Hotter days mean a greater incidence of heat-related illness, not … Continued

Chrysler Resists NHTSA’s Recall Request for Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Liberty

When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demands a vehicle recall for safety reasons, manufacturers usually listen. The NHTSA recommends voluntary recalls only after significant study. But Chrysler Group says the NHTSA’s research is not complete and so far has refused to recall millions of vehicles. According to USA Today, the federal traffic safety agency … Continued

A Look At Texas Aircraft Accidents

For many people, flying on a plane is an exercise in overcoming fear. It could be because people aren’t designed to fly naturally that some travellers have such a strong fear of flying. But it could also be because of the risks involved. Though we often hear that traveling by air is one of the … Continued

Trenching Accident Kills Local Worker

When you work in construction, you are exposed to dangers every day. And even among construction jobs, some are riskier than others. Working from heights and working in trenches are two examples of the more dangerous conditions that can be found on construction sites. One construction worker was killed recently while working in a trench … Continued

Boating Accident Results in Hospitalizations

As summer gets underway and people are out enjoying all that it has to offer, more people are on boats and waterways. Though boating can be a great way to beat the heat, it isn’t without dangers and risks. And even when you are an experienced boater, you run the chance of being involved in … Continued

TxDOT Rolls Out Work Zone Accident Prevention Methods

When traffic slows down on the freeway, everyone better pay attention. Work zones and traffic backups are a common cause of serious car accidents. To lessen the number of serious car accidents that happen in these zones, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is rolling out some new methods of work zone accident prevention. According … Continued

Houston Hit & Run Kills Mother, Injures Son

When an accident occurs, all parties involved usually stick around until police arrive. But in some cases, the person who causes a serious accident may make a rash decision and decide to bolt. When a driver leaves the scene of an accident, it’s called a hit-and-run. This is a criminal act, but it is also … Continued

More than 20 People Injured in Escalator Accident

When you are at a business conference, staying in a hotel, or attending a major sporting event, the last thing on your mind is escalator safety. That’s the sort of thing you assume someone else will be thinking of. So, when an injury accident happens, it can catch everyone off guard. Such was the case … Continued